Sunday, 07 August 2022 / Published in Bath Bomb
The benefits of using bath bombs function beyond the typical bathtub. With creative DIY ideas, you can utilize bath bombs for various intents around the house. Listed below are some ways to use bath bombs without a bathtub: Bathing using a bucket: Bath bombs can be used without a tub as well. Fill your bucket with lukewarm
Sunday, 07 August 2022 / Published in Bath Bomb
Bath bombs are scented sphere masses of compressed powders and oils that make for a colorful and aromatic bathing experience. For kids, they are fun to add to the bathtub, while for adults, bath bombs are a way to relax and pamper self after a long day. However, for us, the utmost fascinating aspect of
Sunday, 07 August 2022 / Published in Bath Bomb
According to Mani Mittal, the founder of Meraki Lanes, certain tricks for creating the ultimate bathing experience goes a long way! Whether you are already a bath-bomb connoisseur or are just dipping your toes in for the first time, the following tips will help you in creating the perfect bath:When Should One Take a Bath?To

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